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Coaching Tools & Development Resources

Online Elearning Project

This is was an initial attempt to develop an elearning programme, various topics can be developed based on the need of the organisation. Contact me to discuss this. 

Support Group

Virtual team bonding activities

 Play is a mindset that encourages curiosity and adaptability. Developing a culture of play creates a safe environment for creativity and innovation to flourish. When play is practiced it can be a vehicle for accelerating growth, learning & development.

Research shows that experiential play induces a “flow” state, ideal for creativity and the learning of new skills. It also lights up the whole brain and creates new neural pathways that literally make you smarter. Play strengthens collaboration, builds creative problem-solving skills, and helps your team to overcome challenges quickly and easily.

Teams can bond virtually as effectively as in a physical space. Contact me to find out more.

Image by Chris Montgomery

Managing Remote Employees

Staying Connected with a Dispersed Workforce

Follow this online bite-size learning course to learn how to manage your remote team members 
In this programme you will learn
⁞ The Right Staff
⁞ Building Trust and Communication - the essential components
⁞ Keeping offsite employees on track
⁞ Challenges and Best Practices

Sat on the Rocks

Boost your personal strengths with my worksheet

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