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Unleashing the Power of Genos Grow: Elevating Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Genos Grow is the ultimate learning platform that is transforming emotional intelligence (EI) development. It provides an on-demand, interactive and personalised approach to help people transform their wellbeing and relationships.

Genos Grow's on-demand learning platform offers interactive development to help you thrive both personally and professionally. Let me provide you with personalised insights to maximise your potential and propel your career forward.
A cutting-edge approach to emotional intelligence.

The platform enables organisations to implement an unbeatable emotional intelligence development opportunity at scale, empowering their workforce to develop EI flexibly at home or work. With Genos Grow, you can evaluate participant usage in real-time and measure progress, having the return on investment data ready to share.

Genos Grow is designed to develop the behaviors of Genos International's award-winning emotional intelligence model over a period of six months. It is built on the science of behavior change and the power of marginal gains that lead to remarkable results over time.

 Foster greater collaboration and well-being. Genos Grow allows companies to implement a proven emotional intelligence development program across their entire workforce, unlocking limitless potential at scale.
Transform Your Habits with Genos Grow

Individuals can immerse themselves in a transformative learning journey alone, in a group with a facilitator, with a colleague or their boss, or 1-to-1 with a professional coach. They can select behaviors they'd like to improve and create a personalized plan with expertly curated content and developmental insights. Users can also access virtual group or one-to-one coaching with an expert coach or facilitator to boost their personalised plan.

Genos Grow is a 6-month on-demand learning journey that helps develop emotional intelligence. It uses behaviour change science and marginal gains to achieve remarkable results. It can be taken individually, in a group with a facilitator, or through 1-2-1 coaching.
How it works

Drive behavior change through integrated nudges, and maintain engagement with inspiring resources, meditations, and videos. Track improvements in well-being and relationships from the first login to the last.

Growing emotional intelligence offers significant benefits, such as improved sales, better leadership, well-being, and customer satisfaction. Genos Grow offers big benefits to organisations and their workforce, boosting productivity, efficiency, employee retention, attraction, engagement, and openness to change.

Experience the impact of Genos Grow for yourself and unlock your limitless potential. Try out Genos Grow today and take the first step towards transforming your well-being and relationships! Gain access HERE or send me a private message and let’s talk about it.



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