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90-Minute Success

Personalised single coaching session for leaders 

Gain clarity, confidence, and direction to take your next steps towards success

The fastest and most effective way to set you on the right path

You’re in the prime of your leadership journey. You work hard and know that you can achieve more.  But feel stuck and frustrated, because you don’t know what your next step should be. 

I will help you get off the hamster wheel of inaction.

This 90-minute coaching session will help you gain clarity to kickstart your journey towards becoming the leader you deserve to be, without having to commit to a full coaching programme.

Business Women Planning
Take control of your situation, and build your path to success in 90-minutes

This stand-alone virtual session is designed to help you identify your roadblocks, gain clarity on your goals and priorities, and together develop an action plan that will help you achieve your leadership goals. Whatever your goal may be, such as

  • Feel more confident

  • Identify and overcome limiting beliefs and fears

  • Improve your work-life balance

  • Understand how to communicate better

  • Learn how to set goals

  • Be more productive

  • Improve your performance

  • And more.


The session is specifically designed for leaders who want to have that first taste of what coaching* is, without making a big commitment of time and money. 

* Option to upgrade to a 1-to-1 coaching programme at a special price.

Session Details

  • It’s a stand-alone 90-minute virtual coaching session.

  • Goal: to identify your personal and professional priorities, and establish your definition of success.

  • We’ll work on developing an action plan and finding the support to follow through on committed actions.

  • Before the coaching session, you will receive a worksheet to stimulate your thinking and make working together more productive.

Working from Home

Why Karl?

I have extensive coaching experience, assisting numerous individuals in achieving success. Specialising in coaching leaders, I am dedicated to ensuring the success of others while adhering to the highest ethical standards.


15+ Years of experience as a performance coach & leadership trainer

27+ Nationalities coached

2,000+ Hours coached



My Certifications:

  • Diploma in coaching and mentoring (Institute of Leadership and Management)

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

  • Certified Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner: Leader as Coach, Science of Wellbeing

  • Certified PRISM Brain Mapping Practitioner

  • Certified Team Coach

Experience a tangible shift in mindset and clarity towards your goals within just 90 minutes.

Take your first step towards becoming the leader you deserve to be.

Enhance Your Coaching Experience 

Would you like to gain deeper insights into your behaviour from a neuroscience perspective?

Enhance your coaching experience with a PRISM Professional report. This revolutionary brain mapping tool is designed to:

  • Help you understand behavioural preferences.

  • Become more responsive and adaptable.

  • Create positive relationships.

  • Build individual and team potential.

Special Offer: Secure your PRISM report for only €125+VAT when purchased alongside your session (stand-alone price €160 +VAT).

What’s the price you’re paying for staying where you are?

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

1. What is coaching?
Coaching is a collaborative process aimed at unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance. It's about facilitating self-discovery, setting and achieving goals, and enhancing one's skills and mindset to navigate challenges effectively.

2. How is coaching different from therapy? And training and mentoring?
 Coaching focuses on the present and future, helping individuals identify and achieve specific goals. Therapy deals with past trauma, emotional issues, and mental health concerns. Training provides specific instruction or knowledge transfer. Mentoring involves a more experienced individual guiding a less experienced person in their field.


3. How can a coach help me?
A coach can provide support, accountability, and objective feedback. They help you identify blind spots, develop strategies for growth, and navigate challenges more effectively, ultimately enabling you to reach your professional and personal goals.


4. Does coaching work?
Yes, coaching can be highly effective when there's commitment and alignment between the coach and coachee. Research shows that coaching can lead to improved performance, enhanced leadership skills, and greater job satisfaction.


5. How long does coaching take to work?
The duration varies depending on individual goals and needs. Some clients see results after just a few sessions, while others benefit from longer-term coaching relationships. Typically, significant progress can be observed within three to six months of regular sessions.


6. Will a stand-alone 90-minute session be helpful?
While significant and lasting transformation often requires ongoing coaching over time, a stand-alone 90-minute session can still yield valuable results. In a focused session, we can address specific challenges, clarify goals, or work through a particular issue that's currently top of mind for you.


7. What results can I expect after the 90-minute session?
You'll gain clarity, insights, and a concrete action plan or commitment to propel you forward personally and professionally. You'll increase self-awareness, identify strengths and areas for development, and experience a transformative shift in perspective. While immediate results are achievable, this session also lays the groundwork for ongoing growth and development.


8. What happens in a typical coaching conversation/session?
A coaching session typically begins with setting an agenda or goal for the session. The coach then facilitates exploration, reflection, and goal-setting through powerful questioning and active listening. Together, the coach and client create action plans and commitments to move forward.


9. What are the assessments?
   Assessments can vary but often include personality assessments, 360-degree feedback, emotional intelligence assessments, and competency assessments. These tools provide valuable insights into areas for development and help tailor the coaching process to individual needs.


10. Will my employer be willing to pay for my coaching?
Many employers recognise the value of coaching in developing their leaders and may be willing to invest in coaching for their employees, especially for high-potential individuals or those in leadership roles. It's worth discussing with your HR department or your direct supervisor.


11. What should I look for when selecting a coach?
Look for a coach who is certified, experienced, and has a coaching approach aligned with your goals and personality. When you select a credentialed coach this ensures that they abide by high ethical standards as they are usually bound by a code of ethics. Chemistry and rapport are also crucial, as you'll be working closely together. Ask for referrals or testimonials to ensure credibility.


12. What is Emotional Intelligence?
Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognise, understand, and manage one's own emotions, as well as understand and influence the emotions of others. It's a key aspect of effective leadership and interpersonal relationships.


13. Is coaching confidential?
Yes, coaching sessions are always confidential, creating a safe space for open and honest dialogue. However, there may be exceptions regarding issues that pose harm to oneself or others, as outlined in the coaching agreement.


14. What qualifications do you have?

  • Diploma in coaching and mentoring (Institute of Leadership and Management)

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

  • Certified Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner: Leader as Coach, Science of Wellbeing

  • Certified PRISM Brain Mapping Practitioner 

  • Certified Team Coach

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