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With Genos Grow, you can access on-demand learning, personalised insights, interactive development and 1-2-1 coaching tailored to your individual needs.

Genos Grow's on-demand learning platform offers interactive development to help you thrive both personally and professionally. Let me provide you with personalised insights to maximise your potential and propel your career forward.

A cutting-edge approach to emotional intelligence. 

Genos Grow is a powerful learning platform that is helping to shape the future of emotional intelligence development. With its on-demand, interactive and personalised approach, it is helping people uniquely transform their well-being and relationships.

The platform aims to accelerate and deepen a culture of effective communication and collaboration, which in turn can lead to a more productive and psychologically safe workplace.


Empower your employees with expert coaching and develop emotional intelligence anywhere, anytime. Try it out today to transform your well-being and relationships.

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Genos Grow  On-demand learning. Personalised Insights. Interactive development.

Transform Your Habits with Genos Grow

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Foster greater collaboration and well-being.

Genos Grow allows companies to implement a proven emotional intelligence development program across their entire workforce, unlocking limitless potential at scale.


Empower your people to develop EI flexibly at home or at work.


Let the platform do all the administration and coordination of learning for you.


Save on venues, flights, or other expensive costs typically associated with training.


Evaluate participant usage in real time and measure people’s progress. 


Have return on investment data at your fingertips ready to share. 

How it works

Genos Grow is a 6-month on-demand learning journey that helps develop emotional intelligence. It uses behaviour change science and marginal gains to achieve remarkable results. It can be taken individually, in a group with a facilitator, or through 1-2-1 coaching.

The Genos Grow Difference

Genos Grow is a unique on-demand learning platform that offers personalised, self-directed and behaviour-based training. The reason behind this personalised approach is that self-improvement and interactions are inherently personal. At work, we all face people-related challenges, and often the biggest hurdle is our lack of self-awareness. We may wonder, "Why didn't that discussion go well?" or "Did I use offensive language?" or "Am I just stressed out?" We may also ask ourselves, "What can I do to improve next time?" Genos Grow focuses on the personal journey of developing people skills.

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Growing emotional intelligence offers big benefits

A city with a population of 650,000 is adopting it. A global leader in the health sector has introduced it to promote sales. Organisations are utilising it to enhance leadership and well-being, while local businesses are using it to improve customer satisfaction. 

Genos Grow is an experience that offers great advantages to organisations and their employees. It can be implemented to increase productivity and efficiency, as well as employee retention, attraction, and engagement. It also promotes well-being and openness to change.

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