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One-to-One Coaching

As a performance coach, I am a sounding board, facilitator, awareness raiser, and supporter.

Partnering with managers, executives and leaders in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a personal one-to-one conversation that uses a collaborative, goal-focused relationship to achieve intended outcomes. The Coach works with the client encouraging self-discovery and assisting in designing a plan that holds the client accountable for making changes. 

Coaching is quickly becoming one of the leading tools that successful people are using in order to enhance their lives allowing them to lead extraordinary lives.

Coaching is all about a journey, focusing on future possibilities, not past mistakes.

How coaching works?

Coaching is creating the conditions for learning and growth. 

During a coaching session, we focus on your challenges and opportunities, exploring solutions and actions required to achieve your intended outcomes.

Improving performance is paramount, so we focus on how that is best achieved and sustained. Together we will delve deep into your skills and abilities and develop a roadmap toward unlocking your full potential.

Sessions are usually one-to-one conversations together with the use of assessments, and evaluations with key stakeholders help to identify the scope of our engagement.

I believe we can all reach our potential and develop the skillsrequired to deal with changing environments.

Coaching enhances overall employee engagement and efficiency, whilst making a positive impact on a company’s culture.

Why choose me as Your Coach

I thrive by supporting individuals to gain confidence in their leadership role, enhancing how they connect, communicate and inspire others at work.

As a performance coach:

  • I am a dependable, trustworthy sounding board for leaders, executives, and team leaders.

  • I help leaders improve performance and growth potential by restoring control and confidence in their own abilities.

  • I enable discovery through a range of choices available to unlock potential for vital skills development such as communication, emotional intelligence, team building, decision-making, and interpersonal interactions.

  • I help improve focus to produce results quicker.

  • I provide the tools, support, and structure to accomplish more.

Meet Jessica

Client Case Study – Jessica* is a young professional in her late 20’s/ early 30’s working for a prominent multinational organisation

*Name has been changed to protect the confidentiality of the coaching client.

Client Challenge – Jessica was experiencing stress and the first signs of burnout; she needed to be liked by her peers and direct reports and was lacking self-belief. On a personal level, she was struggling with balancing a social life out of work. Key issues were lack of self-awareness, self-management and the need to express herself confidently and assertively.

Client Solution – We had 8 one-to-one 45-minute sessions over 4 months, during this time Jessica focused on boosting her confidence and improving the skills she already had. Jessica was committed and followed on her action plans.

Results – Jessica created the work-life balance, giving her space to improve her self-belief. She developed assertiveness to support her direct reports, and improve engagement with her team. Jessica improved the way she prioritised and managed her time. Six months later Jessica got promoted. 

Feedback - “I am amazed at how helpful the coaching process was to me. Along with the sessions I was given many tools, encouragement and reassurance to move forward. I didn’t know that was possible to do in short sessions, but my Coach Karl guided me through such an effective journey. I am now presenting and contributing my ideas with ease during meetings. Thank you!”

Case Study: Jessica

Meet Michael

Client Case Study – Michael* is a self-made entrepreneur in his mid-30’s who has created a thriving business in a relatively short time.

Image by M. Brauer

*Name has been changed to protect the confidentiality of the coaching client.

Client Challenge – Michael was having difficulty managing the high volume of priority tasks, he felt the need to upskill and establish solid management and leadership style. Key issues were time management, prioritisation-related to severe work pressure, performance efficiency, and productivity.

Client Solution – Together with Michael we identified goals and objectives. Michael completed a Genos 360° EI Leadership Assessment Report that provided us with feedback to guide us with valuable insight that we used through the coaching program.  Over several months, we worked together to equip Michael with emotional intelligent competencies developing confidence that helped him excel in his role and inspire and engage his team.

Results – Michael worked on particular actions raising his Self-Awareness, Awareness of Others, Authenticity, Emotional Reasoning, Self-Management, and Ability to Inspire Performance. Michael also developed rituals and boundaries that allowed him to create a work-life balance. 

Feedback – “I really appreciate that my Coach Karl challenges and centres me. Coaching gave me the time and space to explore my thoughts, and action steps to get to my desired outcome. This is all accomplished in view of my current reality. I feel we cover a lot in our 30-minute weekly conversations, leaving me with clarity and focus. I always look forward to our next session!”

Case Study: Michael

Meet Emily

Client Case Study – Emily* is in her late-30’s early 40’s, she is a business owner (3rd generation) who has taken over a flourishing family business. She is also a wife and mother of 2 daughters

Image by Jenny Ueberberg

*Name has been changed to protect the confidentiality of the coaching client.

Client Challenge – Emily was creating a very high level of perfection required for herself and taking herself on a guilt trip by listening to the destructive voices in her head. She was feeling lonely, and unsupported. Her business pressures made it difficult to create a balance of quality family time and finding time for herself. Key issues were severe work pressure, self-hijack, feeling of unfulfillment, and stress that decreased her efficiency.
Client solution – Together with Emily we identified her ideal vision creating goals and objectives. Emily completed a PRISM Professional Assessment Report that provided accurate self-awareness that was essential for her to be able to make the changes in her life. Over 6-months, we worked together to create the change and growth she desired. Emily also developed coach like skills in her management style. Emily used the coaching conversations as a sounding board, she felt able to express herself in a confidential, non-judgemental, setting and able to get an external perspective.

Results – Emily empowered her direct reports developing trust in her team and allowing her to step out of some processes allowing her to be proactive and in control. Emily ignited fresh passions, dedicating quality time to her family and identifying time for herself to refresh and destress along the week. Emily worked particularly on actions raising her Self-Awareness, Authenticity, Self-Management, and skills to Inspire Performance. Emily amplified her confidence by managing her inner critic and feeling better able to realise her potential.
Feedback – “It was immensely helpful to talk to Karl, I’m so grateful that my Coach meets me where I am in such an accepting, focused and collaborative way. Within 90 days I noticed progress on some of the challenges and anxieties I had. I am aware of the areas I have made improvements in, such as the crippling fear that I am not good enough. I am also starting to rephrase the negative messages and give myself space for self-compassion. Small steps feel like GIANT leaps right now! I highly recommend Karl!"

Case Study: Emily

Start Coaching

One-to-one coaching is tailored to the individual's needs. Coaching can be especially beneficial to:

  • empowering people, reward and retaining key talent

  • accelerate personal development and upskill

  • conquer goals

  • preparing or taking on a new or different role

  • managing stress or change

  • provide an objective and independent sounding board

  • ignite fresh passions 

Book my services or schedule some time with me so I can learn about your needs and work with you to meet your goals.

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