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Leadership Training

A learning culture is a successful culture. Training will assist you and your team to accelerate results in this constantly changing environment allowing employees to improve in efficiency and effectiveness, develop self-confidence and assist in self-management.

I facilitate training programmes using a variety of active learning methods and interactive activities that can be done in person or virtual.

Leadership Training Sessions

My training sessions are facilitated using a variety of active learning methods and interactive activities. The learning environment that will be created during the training either in person or online will be a participative, fun learning experience, allowing participants to relate to the workplace whilst understanding skills and concepts that need to be applied in day-to-day situations. 

Neuroscience is changing the leadership game. Multiple leadership styles, adapted to different situations need to be adopted, to reap the real power of your people. PRISM Leadership styles uses the power of neuroscience to enhance leadership performance by:

  • Developing an understanding of behaviours, motivations and individual beliefs

  • Learning how to manage emotions, feelings and behaviours

  • Replacing limiting beliefs with enabling ones

  • Being more responsive, more adaptable and more innovative

  • Creating holistic strategies and building a team committed to achieving them

  • Motivating each team member to reach their potential

Develop Leadership Skills

Improve performance by developing skills, abilities to achieve full potential

Traditional in-person workshops give participants the opportunity to deep dive into topics and create a social bond throughout the session. Participants can also benefit from a hands-on practical approach.

Virtual training takes the fundamentals of face-to-face, classroom training and replicates the experience online, in real-time. Virtual training uses live, interactive online workshops to provide training to your employees through a virtual classroom experience.

Participants Learning

Here is a list of some learning insights from previous programs: 
  • Self-confidence and the positive effect of emotional intelligence
  • How to manage difficult situations at work
  • Self-awareness, Communication, Reflection and Resilience
  • To understand the importance of self-reflecting and giving yourself importance and time to improve
  • My actions can affect the workplace and I can make small changes to create a more positive environment
  • The training motivated me to think our of my comfort zone, assume less and create an action plan
  • A positive working attitude facilitates our work practice and enhances an enjoyable work experience. 
  • The most valuable is the importance of self-awareness and also awareness of others, the tools presented were great.
  • A multifaceted approach to leadership; insight into who I am and what makes up my personality. I am better able to identify my strengths & weaknesses.
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