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9 Benefits to Virtual Training

Virtual training takes the fundamentals of face-to-face, classroom training and replicates the experience online, in real-time. Virtual training uses live, interactive online workshops to provide training to your employees through a virtual classroom experience.

The virtual learning experience offers some benefits, I am listing these based on my experience….

1. Spaced Learning

When training is spread across a greater number of sessions consisting of mini learning opportunities participants get the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the training experience. For example, a number of 90-minute sessions spread over a few weeks, opposed to a 1-day training is critical for driving retention and engagement, allowing the participants to more immediate practical application. The training can be structured into weekly mini-workshops with a combination of activities or actions that reinforce learning for the participants.

2. Avoiding the logistical nightmare and risk of cancellation or rescheduling

The COVID pandemic has increased uncertainty and with very little notice we are made to go into a lockdown causing us to cancel or reschedule our plans. With virtual learning, you can usually access them from anywhere through a device. All you need is an Internet connection. You won't have to worry about hazardous weather conditions, traffic, commute time (use that extra time to read for leisure, enjoy family time or develop a work-life balance).

3. Incorporate on-the-job application

Spaced learning is a critical contrast to traditional classroom learning, during which concepts are not applied until after the sessions are complete. On-the-job application means your team can return to the next session with an understanding of how the concepts work in real-work scenarios. It’s easier when learners can immediately transition from the virtual classroom to their field without delay.

4. Access the programme tools from anywhere through a device and expand the know-how and confidence in the digital world we live in.

5. Effective Resource Management

A virtual option allows the opportunity to be connected from anywhere saving commute times (…and that is just the beginning).

It can allow you to maximise your spending power. This relates to money & time. Virtual training can save you the cost of your team member being away from the desk, and the expenses of hotels, meals, and more… Virtual training can minimise the cost of your team member being away from work and allow the possibility of having more participants attend the training or expand your training budget.