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A coaching conversation with Fran Moisa

I was recently invited by Fran Moisa, head-hunter and talent advisor, on her broadcast - SCIO Series. During this episode, Fran asked me a few questions on the topic of coaching and my coaching experience, after which we had a live coaching conversation focusing on ‘Achieving Your Goals’. View the broadcast or read this transcribed version.

In this coaching conversation, I use a tool from my coaching ‘toolbox’ -‘Achieve Your Big Goals’ – you can download this self-coaching tool here

Fran: Good morning everyone I am Fran Moisa, head-hunter and talent advisor and you are watching SCIO… if you haven't watched this before this is a broadcasting channel focused on personal and professional development topics where I will be interviewing various guests... This is the first live broadcast for 2021 …. the topic today is going to be focused on helping you achieve your goals … we are all motivated …like kids going to a candy store … for a better year. We want to achieve great and big things but sometimes we don't know where to start, I’m so very grateful that Karl Grech who has been a previous guest on SCIO has agreed to join me.

Karl Grech is a professional coach and leadership trainer focused on emotional intelligence and today we're going to do a role-play of a coaching session where we will pick a goal. The goal that we will be exploring today is ‘saying no’ to people and probably a lot of us struggle with that. You are invited to pick any goal that works for you for the purpose of this ‘mock’ session. Be aware of your goal how to achieve it and be aware of any limitations that are in your way… So without any further ado, I’d like to welcome Karl, Good morning,

Karl: Good morning Fran and thanks for having me it's always a pleasure to be with you,

Fran: Likewise, thank you for taking the time to be with us … here today. … A lot of us have never been through the process of professional coaching, can you tell us a little bit what coaching is?

Karl: Sure, so what happens during coaching is that I partner with my client and we go through what is called a thought-provoking and creative process, so it's a so to say, question and answer type conversation where I pose most of the questions and I help the client to find out more for themselves. I believe that we have lots of potential, each-and-every one of us, has lots of potential and sometimes we don't even realize the potential we have. It's just like we keep ourselves back on something,… when we get down to doing it and we say ‘ah it wasn't as hard as I thought it was’, so I support my clients and keep them accountable to achieve results. So for example, if we were to engage a personal trainer to help us in training, or achieving the fitness goals, the personal trainer is not there to teach us how to do push-ups. We probably all know how to do push-ups, but the personal trainer is there to keep us accountable, so what I do is I