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Are your leaders set up for success?

It’s no secret that the effectiveness of your managers can be the difference between success and inactivity.

But, how well are you really doing as a leader in setting them up for success? Do they have the necessary tools to achieve their goals? How much autonomy do they have in decision-making?

How did you score in this leadership quiz?
Are your leaders set up for success?

Take the quiz on my blog to discover if you’re on the right track

Do your team leaders clearly understand the strategic vision and objectives of the company?

A. Absolutely, we review goals and objectives quarterly. (3 points)

B. Somewhat, but we could definitely do it more frequently. (2 points)

C. I’m not sure, we rarely discuss these topics. (1 point)

Are your managers equipped with the necessary tools and resources to achieve their goals?

A. Yes, we regularly assess and update their resources. (3 points)

B. They have the basics, but we haven’t reviewed their needs recently. (2 points)

C. We haven’t updated their resources in a while. (1 point)

How frequently do you invest in training and development for your managers?

A. Continuously, with scheduled training and updates. (3 points)

B. Occasionally, a few times a year. (2 points)

C. Rarely, only when absolutely necessary. (1 point)

Do you have a structured process for providing regular, constructive feedback to your team leaders?

A. Yes, feedback is a regular and formalised part of our process. (3 points)

B. Sometimes, but it’s not as regular as it should be. (2 points)

C. Feedback is sporadic and informal. (1 point)

How much autonomy do your managers have in decision-making processes?

A. They have significant autonomy and feel fully trusted. (3 points)

B. There's some autonomy, but major decisions are still centralised. (2 points)

C. They have little autonomy in their roles. (1 point)

What mechanisms do you have in place to recognise and reward the efforts of your team leaders?

A. We have a robust recognition and rewards system. (3 points)

B. We acknowledge their efforts, but not through any formal system. (2 points)

C. We seldom recognise or reward efforts formally. (1 point)

Are you preparing your team leaders to take on greater responsibilities in the future?

A. Yes, we have clear plans and paths for advancement. (3 points)

B. There are some plans, but they are not well defined. (2 points)

C. We do not have a succession plan in place. (1 point)


19-21 Points: Excellent Leader – You're doing a fantastic job empowering your managers.

13-18 Points: Good Leader – You're on the right track, but there's room for improvement.

7-12 Points: Developing Leader – Start focusing more on the needs and development of your leaders.



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