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How Malta’s CEOs should develop their managers

You can only achieve better results by unlocking and maximising the potential of your people. Coaching your people is essential to improve their performance at work.

“When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” – Jack Welsh

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Micromanagement often comes up as a complaint about bosses who do not empower their people to use their ability. They would say ‘… my boss feels the need to control everything – I feel like s/he is my babysitter’. As a leader, you need to trust your peoples' know-how. Although this can be hard to do, it will give your people some space to become confident problem solvers and develop their potential.

Coaching for individuals, teams and organisations works. Evidence shows that it’s a powerful development approach that leads to positive change and results. Learning the behaviours of a successful coach amplifies your ability to help employees succeed by using their natural strengths. Coaching improves peoples’ performance by providing them with ongoing feedback and support. It reinforces what they are doing right and guides them to identify what they need to do differently.

As a leader, you can only achieve better results by unlocking and maximising the potential of your people. You should continually upgrade your team by using every opportunity to guide, critique and help them be better. We all want feedback to be able to improve our work, fix our mistakes and achieve better results. Giving critical feedback might be uncomfortable, but in the end, they stand to gain greater self-awareness.

A survey done with millennials featured in a recent Forbes article reported that almost 90 per cent of respondents said they would feel more confident if they received frequent or ongoing feedback at work. Another survey featuring in Harvard Business Review showed that 72 per cent of employees from all generations thought their careers would benefit from more corrective feedback.

Feedback establishes trust and opportunity for recognition that builds peoples self-confidence. Self-confidence energises and gives people the courage to stretch, take risks and achieve their goals.