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Increasing Teams Performance through regular 1:1s

Research shows that managers can dramatically boost team productivity, morale and engagement when 1:1s are done effectively.

I recently received a comment on a LinkedIn poll by Denis Cauvier, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author & Trainer who stated that ‘1:1 meetings and engagement check-ins are extremely powerful investments to engage, develop, and retain top talent.’

If you’re a manager or team leader, 1:1 meetings are one of the best ways to develop a strong working relationship with your direct reports, boost employee engagement and keep everyone on the team aligned and motivated.

How could you make the most of 1:1 meetings?

Managers hold 1:1 meetings with their direct reports—and with good reason! According to Officevibe employee surveys

Employees who are satisfied with how frequently they communicate with their manager also…
  • Feel that their manager cares about their opinion.

  • Are satisfied with their level of autonomy at work.

  • Report really feeling that they are a part of a team.’

In light of this research, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your 1:1’s, especially if you lead large teams. Here are 5 tips for ensuring that you’re facilitating this time together as effectively as possible.

Be Consistent

Stick to a schedule hold your 1:1 meetings weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Be realistic on how o