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Leader as Coach

Updated: May 18, 2023

To establish an atmosphere for change management, engagement, and resilience, organisations must invest in training that brings a coaching style to leadership.

Change is a fact of life and it’s been said many times that leadership is about coping with change. Professional coaching supports a long-term strategy for reducing mounting tensions and uncertainty among employees.

Leader as Coach – is an interactive four-part program by Genos International that will equip leaders with the knowledge, tools, techniques and frameworks to facilitate effective coaching in leadership.

The evolving business environment presents challenges for leaders at all levels. Leaders need to understand, guide, and direct people more than ever before in order to craft and support employee wellbeing, productivity and company culture.

Coaching conversations are the foundation for all of these leadership actions. Many leaders can struggle with these discussions or misunderstand the role of coaching as a leadership tool. The 'Leader as Coach' program takes an evidence-based approach to help leaders become powerful, emotionally intelligent coaches that get the best out of people.

Prior to attending the workshop participants take part in the Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessment; a multi-rater assessment providing personal insight into strengths and development areas essential to coaching conversations.

After completing the Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessment the participants receive a digital report. This feedback demonstrates emotional intelligence in their interactions from one of the most reliable sources – those who see and interact every day. The digital report walks them through their results and guides them in the development of a personal development plan. Participants bring their plans with them to the program sessions to help personalise their learnings from it.

The Learning Journey:

Module 1:

  • Exploring the role of coaching in leadership

  • The impact you have on others when coaching

  • The three dimensions of coaching

  • Coaching conversation framework

Module 2:

  • The neuroscience of a coaching experience

  • Developing emotionally intelligent coaching skills

  • Developing a mindset of an emotionally intelligent coach

Module 3:

  • Enhancing our capacity to be empathetic in a coach conversation

  • Creating insight through listening and questioning

  • Powerful communication for insightful coaching

  • Coaching conversation traps

Module 4:

  • Understanding behavioural styles and preferences

  • Emotional triggers and how to manage them

  • Flexing style for effective communication

After each module, you will have the opportunity to apply the tools and techniques at work and outside of it to help improve how you connect, communicate and influence others.

Leader as Coach is based on developing coaching skills as a leader with emotional intelligence. This program is designed to help leaders develop a mindset that supports them to hold constructive coaching conversations. It will equip leaders with tools to enhance coaching interactions as well as develop essential skills for emotionally intelligent, constructive coaching conversations. It addresses the interpersonal dynamics of coaching, essential for any coaching engagement to be effective. With leaders as coaches, you can help to improve emotional intelligence in the workplace overall.

Genos Emotional Intelligence Programs can be facilitated for individuals or teams and customised to fit your needs. Contact me so I can learn more about your learning needs and create the ideal solution for you.


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