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Lean In Circle - Developing Women Leaders

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Lean In helps women achieve their ambitions and create a more equal world where women of all identities are supported and empowered. This is an initiative of the Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation, LeanIn.Org

Circles are small groups of women who come together regularly to support each other. In a world where women still face bias and other barriers at work, Circles are a safe space to share your struggles, give and get advice, and celebrate each other’s wins. Whether you need help navigating your new normal at work or are looking for support from women who understand what you're going through, your Circle will give you the boost we all need. Anything is possible when women come together to share their experiences, build new skills, and cheer each other on. There are more than 43,000 Circles in 172 countries.

A Lean In Circle is a small group — typically of 8 to 12 members—that meet regularly to learn and grow together.

As a father of two daughters, I feel the need to play a part in creating a more inclusive workplace and challenge bias. I have taken the plunge and will be volunteering some time to start and facilitate a Lean In Circle. The aim is to foster women's leadership by helping them learn new skills in a safe space. This will be done whilst sharing their struggles yet committing to One Action getting them closer to achieving their ambitions. Women in Leadership positions are encouraged to register join & participate for Free.

The circle will be run on three fundamentals:

  1. Confidentiality