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Maximising Potential through Coaching

One-to-one coaching can benefit individuals in many ways. I have had different coaching assignments over the past few years and I have noticed that a coaching environment creates a safe zone for the individual to gain perspective by exploring options and ideas. Individuals do not want to be told what to do however to constantly discover their strengths and develop them infinitely.

During a coaching relationship, individuals get the opportunity to establish and create a commitment to achieving goals. Individuals want to achieve their purpose and a coaching journey includes the understanding of oneself building personal awareness and enabling confidence building to achieve these goals. As an individual progresses through the coaching journey you can notice the improvement of skills specific the area/s being addressed through the coaching process. This, in turn, builds on a deeper level of learning that is enhanced through learning by doing. You can increase individuals engagement most especially the Millennials and Generation Z by helping them develop their skills, engage in ongoing conversations by offering a platform, focusing on their strengths to improve them and giving them the chance to do what they do best every day.

The future of work requires us to maximise human potential this can be achieved through employee engagement, ...the single lever to create the change is ...the manager. (Gallup)

This and more can be achieved through coaching. If you require professional support reach out via email or call me on +356 79050478 I would be happy to support you.



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