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Applied EI at the workplace

Boost essential emotional intelligence competencies for 2022 & beyond

  • Ended
  • Online Via Zoom or Clients Location

Service Description

Boost your workplace emotional intelligence with Applied EI. This program is designed to help employees at all levels be more self-aware, empathetic, and resilient. Applied EI is built on emotional intelligence and social neuroscience and helps to create well-equipped teams of tomorrow. The program covers the six core competencies of the Genos Emotional Intelligence model. Participants will gain the ability to manage their emotions intelligently to enhance their decisions, behaviour and performance. Program Objectives During this program, you will improve your understanding of emotions and emotional intelligence. You will also explore and practice tools and techniques for applying emotional intelligence in the workplace. 1. Explore the neuroscience of emotions and emotional intelligence 2. Examine tools and techniques for effectively asking for, and responding to feedback 3. Discover techniques for developing self and awareness of others 4. Understand how to use reactive and proactive techniques to build resilience and manage strong emotions, and 5. Develop skills to better connect, collaborate and communicate with your colleagues. What's Involved? As pre-work to the program, participants complete the Genos Emotionally Intelligent Workplace Assessment. During the program, we provide them with their Feedback Report, a Development Tips workbook, and expert-led debrief and action planning methodologies to help participants leverage strengths and address development opportunities. Genos International assessment tools and development programs help organisations apply core emotional intelligence skills that enhance their self-awareness, empathy, leadership, resilience, and mindfulness. In our world of ‘do more with less’, applying n emotionally intelligent approach is fundamental to success.  Genos assessments and development programs to improve: Leadership Development; Employee Engagement; Sales Performance; Customer Service; and Productivity. Genos Assessments can be applied at Workplace, Leadership, Sales and Selection. Reports can be done as Self, 180°, or 360°, and combined with coaching, training and workshop facilitation. 

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