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Mindful & EI Salesperson

A Genos Mindful and Emotionally Intelligent Salesperson

  • Ended
  • Online Via Zoom or Clients Location

Service Description

This six-session program will elevate your sales results by training your salespeople how to behave in a manner that consistently engages the client’s ‘Buying Brain’, building the deep connection and trust that makes a positive buying relationship possible. Program Objectives During this program, attendees will improve their understanding of emotions and emotional intelligence. They explore and practice tools and techniques for applying emotional intelligence in interactions with clients and customers. During the program participants will: Discover their own EI results and learn how clients and colleagues currently see them ‘show up’ 1. Understand the neuroscience of selling 2. Learn to engage the client’s ‘buying brain’ 3. Develop self-awareness and practices for demonstrating a more authentic presence 4. Grow awareness of others and tune into what others are feeling 5. Building stronger connections and trust 6. Learn techniques to deal with diverse personalities 7. Boost resilience and better cope with the stress of selling Transform the Buyer Experience Buyers purchase based on emotion and justify their choice with logic. Today, buyers are able to justify their decisions online and elsewhere without any input at all from salespeople. It’s the connection you make, how well you work through their objections, and how confident you help make them feel that helps you make the initial sale. How well you deliver on your promises, maintain the relationship and help the buyer navigate internal disagreements that helps keep them loyal. Emotional intelligence is the critical competency underpinning all this. What's Involved? As part of the program, participants will complete the Genos Emotionally Intelligent Sales Assessment. They will be provided with a Development Tips workbook, an expert-led debrief and action planning methodologies to help develop their emotionally intelligent sales behaviours. This program can be delivered as a 1-day in-person event or over 4-6 online modules. Genos Assessments can be applied at Workplace, Leadership, Sales and Selection. Reports can be done as Self, 180°, or 360°, and combined with coaching, training and workshop facilitation. 

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