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Unlock your Potential

Six 45-minute sessions in 3 months to move 2-4 related challenges

  • 45 min
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

Six 45-Minute coaching conversations in 3 months, together we will focus on 2 to 4 related challenges that you are facing. This coaching package is designed for getting started or getting unstuck. Develop your effectiveness, gain focus on your challenges and aspirations and find your balance in life. Sessions will include topics such as: 1. Identify coaching goals; 2. Focusing on challenges and aspirations; 3. Goal setting and tracking; 4. Problem-solving and decision-making; 5. Personal productivity, priority, and time management; 6. Personal effectiveness; 7. Engaging and coaching the team; 8. Work-life balance and energy. Scheduled bi-weekly according to your calendar! Options for Renewal. Upgradeable with PRISM or Genos Assessments.

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