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Contributing to Malta’s unique platform for CEOs and business leaders

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

In my role as a Performance Coach, my objective is to unlock people’s potential by developing the skills they need and building the confidence to reach new heights. In my articles, I focus on topics related to leadership, coaching, emotional intelligence, and goal setting. My aim is to help the reader make a positive ‘shift’ and enhance how they connect, communicate and collaborate at work.

#MaltaCEOs is a platform that aims to be Malta’s first online corporate portal targeting CEOs and business leaders. features news and interviews with Malta’s top business minds, it also brings together a variety of experts from different fields to discuss fundamental issues related to leadership, growth, strategy, innovation, organisational culture, managing people, technology, entrepreneurship, decision-making, and more.

In 2021 I have been contributing to you can read my short features during the year here:

  • If you struggle to reach your goals, there is probably something hindering you. As a leader, setting and achieving goals is an excellent way of defining what you want to do or what you want to have more of—or less of—at work. Read 'Avoid these 8 blocks to achieve your big goals'.

  • As a CEO, you can motivate your team through well-formed goals: not too easy, not too complex, not too difficult, and not too ambiguous. Here is 'How to achieve your vision through your team' by adapting goals according to your team.

  • Creating a culture of empowerment can positively impact high performance in others. Performance Coach Karl Grech shares seven practical tips you can practice to be the empowering leader you aspire to be. '7 tips to become an empowering CEO that inspires performance' is a short read that offers practical methods to empower team members, from guiding growth to creating sufficient time for setting and reviewing goals.

  • Emotions will come and go no matter what we do, but that doesn’t mean we have to let them control us. Our ability to manage our emotions, especially during difficult times is referred to as emotional regulation. I share some tips on how to take control of your emotions and become more resilient; it’s up to you to choose how you want to respond. Try out the different tips one by one. As you do, you will be gradually building up your emotional regulation skill set and becoming more resilient as a result.

  • 'For better or worse – Your mood impacts your team'. Your emotional intelligence has an impact on the team and the performance of your direct reports. Emotional Intelligence can be measured. Whatever your score, you can take action to improve it. Here are some development tips to get you started.

  • Leaders who coach their people encourage their team to learn from and be challenged by their work. You can be a successful coach by developing these emotional intelligence qualities. 'Coaching is emotional intelligence in practice'. Leaders with emotional intelligence are sensitive to others’ emotional state and can influence people. Coaching helps leaders bring out the potential from their people.

  • Develop genuine trust and win your people over as a CEO. In 'How to win your people over as a CEO', I focus on how developing a genuine trust-based relationship with your team enables better understanding and openness and improved performance. Read this contribution here

This is a compilation of my 2021 contributions.


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Nov 03, 2022

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